What We Do?

Skilled Samaritan (SSF) was founded in 2013 and has been working with the rural communities of Haryana, especially the village of Sirohi and Khoiri. They have collaborated with multiple organisations to implement solar rural electrification solutions in the villages and schools of Haryana & Uttar Pradesh, impacting over 8500 lives. SSF works closely with the locals from village Sirohi to create programs of sustainable development, focusing on issues such as women empowerment, financial inclusion and gender equality. 

Sustainable Innovation 

Canvassing Mahatama Gandhi’s campaign for promoting humble handspun  “Khadi” , we have created a unique program to introduce natural fibres and waste materials as a compelling tool for profitable sustainable innovation for the local artisans in these villages. The initiative involves working with artisans in the women in Sirohi while understanding the importance of waste materials as a fashionable choice and its potential in transforming the status of many rural communities. 

A model of responsible eco-tourism where we organize day off beat day excursions to the village.

As part of Skilled Samaritans Reaching Out Program, we leverage the arcadian beauty of our project site to organize off-beat excursions to Sirohi and Khoiri, villages that are just 40 kms from Delhi. This is an initiative where we hope to introduce time-offs to the frenzied lifestyle of a 9-5 urbane regime - for city hustlers to getaway from the city for a day and be part of the simple yet beautiful village life of Sirohi.